Information and recommendations on electric car charging

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Home Charging Options

Level 1

ev charger
  • Every hour you charge will give you 3 or 4 more miles of range, so it can take over 20 hours to fully charge.
  • Included with electric cars
  • Plugs into regular 120-volt wall outlet
  • Portable

Level 2

chargepoint charger
  • Can charge up to 25 miles of range, per hour, meaning an EV can be charged in 4 to 10 hours
  • Not included with car
  • Usually installed by electrician
  • Recommended over Level 1 chargers for battery health

Level 2 Charger Installation

chargepoint logo

All Level 2 chargers require a 240-volt outlet, which means that almost everyone needs an electrician to install some hardware in your home before the charger can be installed. If you plan to install your charger outdoors, you will definitely need an electrician to install it.

For more specific information on installing a charger, refer to ChargePoint’s professional electrician install guide.

Maryland Residents

$100 Rebate

Maryland residents can have BGE Home bring the charger to your door and install everything for an up-front rate. Receive a $100 gift card when you buy and schedule your installation with us.

Need Help?

Still a little unsure what to do for buying and installing a charger? Chat with our EV Experts to get all of your questions answered!

Charging at Work

Workplaces are the second most popular location to charge up electric cars.

Over 70% of electric car and plug-in hybrid owners charge their car at work.

For many, workplace charger availability is what makes owning an electric car feasible.

Work Charging Options

Level 2

chargepoint dual charger
  • Up to 25 miles range, per hour
  • Dual chargers available

Level 3

chargepoint dc fast charger
  • Up to 250 miles range, per hour
  • Future proof (higher charging capacity)

Petition For Charging at Your Work

Want chargers at your workplace? Send us an email with the following information and we will help you get chargers at your office: company, location, and current charging situation.

EZ-EV for Business

For more information on chargers for your workplace, you can contact us. We can provide information on commercial-level chargers and installation of the level 2 and 3 chargers at work.

Charging On The Go

Be Prepared!

It is always good to know where the public chargers are in your area. Use the PlugShare map below to find chargers and their status. Download the PlugShare app so that you can find a charger in a pinch when you aren’t home.

Most public chargers require you to pay for charging, and they don’t accept cash!


We suggest you signup for an account with each company that has chargers near you. Some of the top charger companies to signup for are: