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Going electric is easier and more exciting than you think.

Save Money

Between federal and state incentives, low cost of maintenance and ownership, and vehicle discounts, driving an EV has never been more affordable.

Save Time

Charging is quick and convenient, whether you plug in at home while you sleep, or at the office while you work. Plus, never worry about getting an oil change again!

Save The Environment

One of the biggest benefits of going electric is reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating your reliance on fossil fuels. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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  • Top 12 EV Questions

    Top 12 EV Questions

    You asked, we answered. EZ-EV tackles the top 12 most asked questions that consumers have about the world of electric vehicles.

  • 12 EVs That Won't Break the Bank

    12 EVs That Won't Break the Bank

    Looking for the best electric car options at the best price? There are loads of great and affordable options in the $30,000 range–with some nice deals even below that price! It’s a great time to jump into an electric car or plug-in hybrid.

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