About EZ-EV

What is EZ-EV?

EZ-EV, of Exelon Enterprises, an entrepreneurial unit of Exelon Corporation, was founded by Exelon Corporation as a part of its mission to power a cleaner and brighter future for their customers and communities. EZ-EV supports this vision by creating products and services that help customers, communities, and businesses transition to electrified transportation. Through education, engagement, and evaluation, we make it easy to see how beneficial EVs are to our customers and the environment.

With you from start to finish.


No matter where you are in your electric journey, we'll give you the resources you need to understand EVs, how to make the transition, and why it matters.


Our events, digital platform, and customer service provide every opportunity for you to experience an EV for yourself, explore all the options, and understand how an EV fits into your lifestyle.


Understand the environmental and financial impact of EV adoption personally, in your community, and globally with our program analytics tools.

Save Even More!

View incentives and EZ-EV deals to take advantage of all the savings and rebates that are available.

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What Our Members Say

"I felt like there was one place to go for answers and ask questions. I didn't try anything else because EZ-EV was always there for me. That's the whole thing - They're there for you so you don't have to try lots of different websites and people."

- Chris, MD

"Getting a LEAF flat out wouldn't have happened without EZ-EV’s incentive. I also ordered a charger through EZ-EV... It was super easy."

- Ben, MD

“The $10k rebate combined with $7,500 in government incentives made the economics too good for me to pass up. This car is fun to drive and my family loves it!”

- Mark, MA

Save Money

Between federal and state incentives, low cost of maintenance and ownership, and vehicle discounts, driving an EV has never been more affordable.

Save The Environment

One of the biggest benefits of going electric is reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating your reliance on fossil fuels. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Save Time

Charging is quick and convenient, whether you plug in at home while you sleep, or at the office while you work. Plus, never worry about getting an oil change again!