Kia Soul EV


MSRP After Discounts

It’s a thrilling and responsive drive with 210 lb.-ft. of instant torque. We designed a smooth electric motor for quiet efficiency and engineered a state-of-the-art regenerative braking system that helps recharge the battery. The result is satisfying EV performance with assured handling and a total range of about 111 miles.

The Soul EV was redesigned to provide exceptional comfort and maximum flexibility. The Soul EV’s split-folding rear seats offer ample cargo space and a variety of storage options. And the under-floor battery means plenty of interior space for your friends. From the exclusive bio-sourced materials and available leather seating all the way down to the distinctive highlight stitching—this interior looks, feels, and does good.

When you feel the smooth grip of the standard heated steering wheel and queue up your favorite playlist on the six-speaker sound system, you know you’re in a Soul. And with the eStatus Light that tracks your charge status, and standard eco-friendly seats with contrast stitching for stylish comfort, the Soul EV interior offers a bold design with a purpose.

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  • Cargo Space

    49.5 cu ft

  • Electric Range

    111 mi

  • Fuel Type

    Electric Vehicle

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* Gas savings calculations are approximate and based off of industry averages for fuel costs. Dollar savings do not count as legal or tax advice.