Toyota Prius Prime


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The Prius Prime is the most efficient Toyota hybrid yet. With the power to run in either EV or hybrid driving modes, Prius Prime strikes a harmonious balance between necessity and desire. When the charge runs out, Prius Prime has a manufacturer-estimated 54 combined mpg and up to 640 miles in combined gas and electric range. The car can be fully charged from a home outlet in less than 6 hours.

Equipped with Predictive Efficient Drive technology and Electric Power Steering, the Prius Prime has all the options a driver could want. The exterior is dramatically styled, and the futuristic interior is packed with innovative technology to ensure the smoothest ride.

Designed with intelligent tech, premium materials and thoughtful engineering, Prius Prime represents the next step of Toyota's continuous quest to reach more efficient mobility with less range anxiety — without compromise.

  • Type


  • Seats


  • Fuel Type

    Plug-In Hybrid

  • Electric Range

    25 mi.

  • Cargo Space

    19.8 cu. ft.

  • Yearly Gas Savings


* Gas savings calculations are approximate and based off of industry averages for fuel costs. Dollar savings do not count as legal or tax advice.

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