Volvo S60 T8


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Poised like an athlete, the all-new S60 exudes a self-assured feeling on the road with its deeply sculpted sides and powerful presence. With a unique Scandinavian take on luxury, the minimalist interior is tailored around you with striking craftsmanship, intuitive technology and human-centric innovations.

Enjoy a powerful drive with efficient engines and the S60 T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid, which offers 400hp and zero-emissions capability. Forward-thinking innovations like a large 9” Sensus Touchscreen and a premium audio system keep you connected and entertained.

With Volvo committed to 50% of their sales to be electric by 2025, the XC90 is an important step in model variability, and it's one of the first electric cars on the market in the SUV category. This car can comfortably seat your whole family and is perfectly suited for short commutes as well as long, comfortable road trips.

  • Type


  • Seats


  • Fuel Type

    Plug-In Hybrid

  • Electric Range

    21 mi.

  • Cargo Space

    116 cu. ft.

  • Yearly Gas Savings


* Gas savings calculations are approximate and based off of industry averages for fuel costs. Dollar savings do not count as legal or tax advice.

Volvo S60 T8 vs. Audi A6